4ft Articulating Arm w/Clamp Kit

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4 Foot Articulating Arm (RS-5056)
Comes in two, 2 foot sections that easily attach via the built-in
5/8” receivers and spigots. Each section operates independently of the other allowing for a wide range of adjustments to meet almost any need. Adjustments are made via a push button that releases the
lock and allows the arm to me moved to any of 20 stops making
adjustments quick, simple and secure.
And each arm can be rotated 360°.  Arms are 28mm in diameter and can support up to 5 lbs. with full extension. Spigots feature male
1/4-20 threads. Black finish to help prevent reflections.

“A” Style Screw Clamp (RS-5058)
• Heavy duty featuring two 1-1/2” x 1-1/8” self-adjusting claws, two 3/8” spigots, one with a 1/4-20 male thread. The 1/4” diameter screw closure adjusts the clamp from 0.9” to 3.9” wide and features a built-in stop when the clamp is fully extended. The interior of the claws are a textured rubberized material to ensure a good grip by the claws, yet protecting the mounting surface. The locking handle maybe moved out of the way without disturbing the clamp. Can support up to 11 lbs.

4 Foot Articulating Arm Kit (RS-5056K)
The RS-5056  in a kit which includes the RS-5058 “A” clamp

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Weight 5 lbs
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4ft Articulating Arm w/Clamp Kit


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