72mm Variable ND

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These precision optical
glass filters provide control over the depth of field and or the
illustration of motion in a shot. In still mode, by rotating the ring,
the exposure time can be increased or the aperture opening increased
resulting in portions of the shot being creatively blurred. In video
mode, rotating the ring can control not only the f-Stop but the shutter
speed in bright scenes as well as be used as a fader to begin or end a
scene. This filter can reduce the exposure up to 9 stops. Marks on the
side of the filter indicate minimum to maximum light reduction. The low
profile, rigid aluminum ring allows use on almost any lens without
NOTE: When using this filter certain wide angle lenses, it is
possible to get an X shaped distortion band. This is a moire pattern. To
reduce this effect, use with the normal or telephoto setting on the

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