PRO 500DX Black Leg Set Only

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Solid Performance, Solid ValueThe SLIK PRO 500 DX

A.M.T. makes all the difference.
SLIK’s exclusive A.M.T. super Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy legs
make the PRO 500 DX tripod rock steady, yet lighter than it looks. The
A.M.T. alloy has a 40% greater strength to weight ratio than standard
aluminum, making it lighter and stronger than the standard metal used
in most tripods.

The PRO 500 DX is capable of supporting the weight of Professional
Digital cameras and heavy telephoto lenses up to a 300mm f/2.8. This
complete tripod offers advanced amateurs and student photographers the
strength and stability they need, while its size and the use of A.M.T.
alloy make it lighter and more portable than many professional
offerings from other manufacturers.


A tripod should be solid and easy to use, so you spend more time concentrating on your photography than you do your equipment.
PRO 500 DX makes setting up easy with secure, speed-release leg locks
(pictured left). A gearless center column and 3-position, adjustable
angle leg locks allow easy set-up on uneven ground or steps. The PRO
500 DX center column is actually two threaded pieces that unscrew to
convert the top piece to a short column. This combined with the
adjustable leg angle locks allows the tripod to be lowered to just 13.8
inches for very low angle or macro photography in the field.

Stable all-metal head with easy-to-use quick release.
The included PRO 500 DX all-metal 3-way pan head has over a solid pound
of finely cast and machined aluminum. It uses a fast and easy to use
quick-release plate to securely mount the camera on the tripod.


Already have a favorite tripod head you would like to use?
Or, would you rather use a SLIK professional ball head? No problem. The
PRO 500 DX head can be removed and the tripod legs have a standard
1/4-20 thread that can also accept a thread adapter to 3/8 in. Between
these 2 sizes, the PRO 500 DX can mount almost any tripod head on the
market today. The sturdy legs can handle up to 10 lbs of equipment with

Today it’s more important than ever. Compare the price and features of
the PRO 500 DX to other manufacturer’s professional camera supports and
you will see that dollar for dollar and feature for feature, this is
one of the best values in a light and versatile camera support.


Complete with Head (615-320)
Maximum Operating Height: 63.95 in. (1,625mm)
Minimum Operating Height: 13.8 in. (350mm)
Center Column Extenstion: 11.0 (280mm)
Folded Length: 27.38 in. (695mm)
Weight: 5.47 lbs. (2,481g)
Number of Leg Sections: 3
Leg Lock Type: Speed Release Lock
Maximum Load: 10 lbs. (4,535.0g)
Warranty: 3 years


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Weight 8 lbs
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PRO 500DX Black Leg Set Only


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